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What makes our approach to test prep unique?

Most people see the SAT and ACT as tests of all the stuff you learn in high school. In other words, most people think that if you apply the skills and subject matter knowledge that get you good grades in high school to the SAT and the ACT, you’ll get a great score. The companies that make the tests push this idea, and most test prep companies and guidance counselors go along with it–the test prep companies do it because they don’t care enough to find out how the test actually works, and the guidance counselors do it because everybody else seems to say that’s how it works, and they don’t have the time or the bandwidth to discover on their own that it’s not true.

But that’s not actually what these tests are about. To make a long story short, the SAT and the ACT test relatively basic ideas in relatively obscure, unusual ways. Testing basic ideas ensures that test-takers have a chance to do well even if they’re not able to take advanced courses, and the obscure, unusual presentation makes the test hard enough that not everyone gets a great score–because if everybody did really well then the tests wouldn’t be helpful for colleges in the admissions process.

So effective test prep is all about understanding what the SAT and ACT actually test, how they can test it, and how to see through the unusual presentation so you can recognize those relatively simple ideas and answer the question correctly. This is how our materials prepare you for the test, while other companies often give you lists of vocabulary words and math formulas to memorize, which is not an effective or efficient way to raise your score.

That’s what makes our test prep different from everything else out there–instead of just giving you broad, vaguely-academic content and advice, we actually focus on the skills that will matter when you take the test, and nothing else.  And that’s why we so often hear from readers who tell us that the SAT or the ACT finally made sense after reading our books–it was the first time anybody explained the tests to them in a way that made sense.

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