Our first podcast is called Job Interviews, and it’s all about helping young people navigate education and careers as they take their first steps into adulthood. We do this by recording meaningful conversation with adults from all walks of life. We talk about successes, failures, embarrassments, hopes, regrets, everything. The goal is to give the audience a real sense of how the adult world actually works. This way, the listener can benefit from the combined experiences and wisdom of a wide range of adult perspectives–a much wider range than they would probably have access to otherwise. 

An honest conversation with an open adult can change a student’s life for the better. Most people, if they’re lucky, might have one or two deep conversations like that throughout their whole education. We bring you a new one every two weeks.

Episode #11 | So Many Letters: Frank Hu on Being a Lawyer, Figuring Out Your Story, and Why Companies Love Data So Much

Frank Hu is a corporate lawyer with a bunch of certifications and responsibilities, which is surprising because through high school and college he wasn’t really focused on any particular goal, and he wasn’t interested in much besides gaming and hanging out with his friends. But at the urging of his parents, he figured out what was important to him—and found a path to prosperity for himself, and help for others as well. Plus the brothers say some stuff too.


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Episode #10 | Order After Chaos: Nesha Zackery on Permission, Funnels, Engineering, And That Time Maya Angelou Saw Into Her Soul

Nesha Zackery grew up around the Army Corps of Engineers, and was eager to enter FEMA so she could help out after disasters. But her negative experiences in the wake of Hurricane Katrina set her on a different path, allowing her to make an impact in ways she never foresaw. In this episode we talk about the Toastmasters, whether anyone is paying attention to you, and what Nesha advises students to do before they enter adulthood, among many other things.


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Episode #9 | Good with Words: Kris Sharma on Screenwriting, Performing, Selling, Laughing, Crying, and Other Stuff

As a student, Kris Sharma officially wanted to be an international lawyer, mostly because he thought it sounded good. But a passion for writing, performing, and improv led him to take his chances in LA. Along the way, he discovered a talent for sales, got into law school but decided not to go, joined the Peace Corps… well, it’s a long story, and stories are kind of his thing, so we’ll let him tell you the rest. You’ll learn about balancing passion with practicality, and you’ll hear about a film legend who inadvertently shifted Kris’s perspective on success. Plus: crying in Boise, the brothers wax philosophical on the default human state, and the heartbreak of moving.


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Episode #8 | Schools Within Schools: Shirin Foroudi on Making a Career in Education, Finding Meaningful Work, and Becoming Who You Are

After college, Shirin Foroudi became disillusioned with the legal field. Through a couple of chance encounters, she was inspired to change career paths and become an English teacher in New York City. She went on to work in different capacities in several different programs, including KIPP and The New York City Teaching Fellows. Along the way, she has coached other educators, counseled hundreds of students on their next moves, and learned a lot about what makes for a good fit in a career or a school. In this interview, she explains how she finds new jobs and why not going to her top-choice school was one of the best things that ever happened to her, among lots of other things. Plus one of the poorest intros we’ve ever done for this podcast, and a polite refusal to predict the future.


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Episode #7 | Just the Facts: Reporter Breanne Williams Finds Her Calling in Journalism

Breanne Williams wanted a way out of her small hometown that would also serve a greater purpose in helping other people. For a long time, she thought nursing was the only way to do that. After she realized she hated nursing, she didn’t know what to do—and then a barely-remembered meeting with a mysterious college adviser changed everything. Find out how Breanne discovered her passion for journalism, and what she’s doing with it.


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Episode #6 | How Coding for Pizza Money Became a Career in WordPress Development: Mark Jaquith on Programming, Unorthodox Education, and More

After finishing home school, Mark Jaquith went to college to study business. In his free time, he became absorbed in a brand new technology: weblogs, or “blogs.” Today, he’s a major figure in the WordPress community–and a self-taught developer and businessman with no degrees or diplomas. He talks to us about his career path, what he looks for in a new hire,  how to bootstrap your way into a technical field, an impromptu rodent dissection, and other interesting stuff.


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