If you’re considering signing up for my online video course, you may have noticed that I offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. That means you can try the course out for 30 days and you’ve basically got nothing to lose, because if you don’t like it, you can just let me know and you’ll get every penny back.

That probably sounds great, right? Maybe even… a little TOO great.

So maybe you’re a little skeptical. Well, I’d like to put your fears to rest.

For one thing, we use a video course platform called Teachable, which is made by a real, actual company. If we were claiming to offer a 30-day guarantee but we weren’t backing it up, students would complain to Teachable and we wouldn’t be able to use their platform anymore. In fact, Teachable actually requires their course-creators to honor a 30-day full refund period. So you’re covered there, but if we ever did you wrong–which we would never, ever do, but let’s imagine an alternate reality where that happened–you could go over our heads straight to Teachable and they would take care of you.

For another thing, we’re real people who’ve been teaching test prep online for a long time. You can see our test prep books here, which have been selling for many years:

SAT Prep Black Book, Second Edition

ACT Prep Black Book, Second Edition

You can also see the books have lots of good reviews, with nobody complaining that we took their money and then disappeared into the night. The first editions of those books (which are now out of date, so don’t buy them) have been around even longer, obviously:

SAT Prep Black Book, First Edition

ACT Prep Black Book, First Edition

So anyway, we’ve been doing this a long time, and it would be really, really dumb of us to claim to have a great guarantee and then not honor it. If you want to feel even more comfortable about all of this, please reach out to us and let us know about any questions or concerns you may have.