Each of my courses is designed to be a complete preparation resource, consisting of two parts:

1. A complete set of training videos covering every aspect of getting ready for the test

2. Video walkthroughs of me applying my techniques in real time to an entire real practice test

The only other thing I would recommend you use is a set of real, official practice questions from the company that makes your test (not from Kaplan, Princeton Review, Barrons, McGraw-Hill, or any other third-party publisher). You can get some real practice tests here.

You’ll need these practice questions because you’ll want to try them out before test day to make sure you’re mastering the ideas correctly. They need to be official questions from the company that makes the real test so you can be sure that what you encounter in your practice sessions will accurately reflect what you’ll see when you take the test for real.

As a side note, I always emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to practice. It’s much better to spend time thoroughly understanding one practice test than it is to make yourself do twenty of them without pausing to review them, and to make sure you’re improving your understanding of the test itself.