But this is just what the test wants you to think 🙂 In reality, the ACT rewards the same basic skillset that all large-scale standardized tests reward:

  • Careful reading
  • Attention to detail
  • Relatively basic math knowledge

(You may be wondering why we didn’t mention scientific knowledge, since the ACT has a Science section. The short answer is that the ACT Science section is really just a critical reading section, but with more visual aids. For almost all of the questions on the section, the test-taker is expected to answer the question by finding the relevant information in the provided passage. There are a handful of questions on each ACT Science section that require you to know basic scientific concepts like the difference between an atom and a molecule, but the vast majority of ACT Science questions reward you for finding the answer on the page, which we can do without outside scientific knowledge by reading carefully.)

Our approach to the ACT teaches you to see the test as it really is, not as it’s rumored to be. You’ll learn what the test actually rewards and punishes, and you’ll see that the most important skills on the test are things like careful reading and attention to detail, not classroom knowledge.

If you’d like to learn our approach to the ACT, you have 3 options:

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