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In everything we do, our goal is always to help students be happier and more fulfilled as they enter young adulthood. We want them to have as many options as possible, and we want them to be equipped to make decisions about education and careers that are right for them.

Bad advice can lead young people to miss out on opportunities or waste their time and energy. And that, in turn, can lead to regret and resentment—not to mention lots of debt or a career you may not love.

We want to help students avoid those kinds of things as they pursue their quests into the adult world.

So we’re building the company that we would want to exist if we were still in school—the kind of company that can provide meaningful help as students figure out how to move forward on their own terms. We’re not just here to tell you how to write an application essay that sounds good, or how to fill out the FAFSA. We’re here to help you build your life in the way that’s most likely to work for you, even if you’re not sure what that looks like yet—in fact, especially if you’re not sure.

Right now, we do this in two ways:

  1. We provide the kind of test prep that didn’t exist when we were students: our books and video courses are systematic, insightful, and actionable resources that also impart higher concepts along the way. (But don’t take out word for it—check out our reviews and testimonials.) Effective test prep raises test scores, which usually helps students compete more effectively in the college admissions process. Higher scores can often mean more scholarship money, too. All of this potentially leads to more educational options, which can lead to other options down the line, and more educational options generally raise the likelihood of greater satisfaction in adulthood.
  2. Through our podcast, we bring listeners the kinds of career advice and real-world experiences that can benefit anyone who isn’t sure what they want to do next. Every episode includes multiple ideas that could truly change your life for the better. We guarantee you’ll come away from them with a deeper understanding of how the adult world really works, which will allow you to make better decisions at each step of your personal journey.

There’s one last thing we want to be clear about: We’re not here to tell you there’s a single path or process that everyone should follow. We don’t know your personal situation, your inner thoughts, your goals, or your strengths—and we don’t know how those things will evolve as you age. We also don’t know what kinds of changes in technology, society, or the economy will happen during your career. Instead of trying to tell you which choices to make, we’re here to bring you as many perspectives and experiences as we can, and then help you sift through them and figure out what you think is worth acting on.

In short, our goal is to help you on your quest to become who you were meant to be. We want to help you get the options, opportunities, and wisdom that let you make good decisions and fulfill your destiny. The way we see it, that’s what this whole thing—college, testing, majors, careers, all of it—is really about.

So, again, we’re honored that you’ve ended up on this site, and we hope you’ll find it useful.

Mike Barrett and Patrick Barrett